Latest Jewelry Collection For Wedding Brides 2014-2015


Latest jewelry collection for brides

We know how to help you to look more beautiful and appealing to everyone on your special day by adding these luxurious jewelry collections for wedding brides. Today, brides have more options where her wedding jewelry is concerned. Here we have chosen the best ideas for your jewelry collection on your precious day.

All of these sophisticated jewelry for wedding brides are made with the warmth of gold, freshwater shiny pearls, beautifully polished silver rhinestones and vividly colored the crystals. Modern fashion of jewelry, vintage styles examines and admires that how you perfectly know to wear these bridesmaids’ accessories such as, necklace, earrings, bracelets, hairpins, brooches and much more on your special day of reception and ceremony.

Latest Jewelry Collection For Wedding Brides 2014-2015


The Victorian-style earrings are just spectacular! These luxurious earrings scroll pattern is encrusted with Cubic Zirconia (an alternative to diamonds) and are made of freshwater pearls that looks like a real diamond and suit with any color of bridal gowns. The dangling Cubic Zirconia adds an additional touch to the sparkle to make you more gorgeous on your special wedding day.


Bridal Earrings


Bridal Earrings



Bracelets are the must-have bridal accessory that enhance the beauty of wedding brides or bridesmaids with its splendid looks. Crystal bracelets are more fascinating and attractive to everyone if you will pair these bracelets with rhinestones earrings.


Bridal Bracelets


Elegantly styled crystal hair-pin fastened to your beautiful wedding hairstyle adds the beauty to your gown too.


Bridal Hairpins


On your wedding ceremony or reception day your hands play a starring role for every moment of the wedding. So definitely when you have finished with your perfect manicure to get super soft hands, then here it comes the selection of your luxurious ring selection for your big day. As you come up to the aisle with your bouquet in your hands, then everyone’s eye will be on your hands and while cutting the first slice of your wedding cake, then the luxurious bracelets and rhinestone ring will perfectly frame your hands during all these precious moments.

This artistic floral ring is embellished with a pearl in the center and is absolutely stunning that makes your day very special with your elegant look.


Bridal Rings


The most important wedding brides accessory that adds an elegant look to bridals. The idea for bridal necklace is just perfect, selecting the best necklace adds an addition to elegance and sparkle to the wedding dress too.


Bridal necklace


Bridal necklace


Hair side-pins

Side-pins are the  mostly used wedding brides or bridesmaids perfect tool! That depends upon your hairstyles and hair volume.


Bridal side-pins

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